faqs - Paul D Clarke


How many photos will I receive?

This is one of the most common questions from clients.  Its of course a little different for every wedding.  For an average 8 hour shoot you will receive approximately 500 - 600 photos.  For a 4 hour shoot you can expect around half of that,  approximately 250 - 300.  Each wedding has a different amount of opportunities for photos so of course each one will be a little different.

Is there a contract to sign?

Yes, there is a simple contract to sign.  Wedding photography contracts are meant to protect the photographer and the clients.  It states all the basics, the date, time, locations, names of all parties, what you will be receiving after the wedding and also what money is involved.  It is meant to eliminate possible miscommunications, since having a clear plan is crucial for such an important day.

What will my custom website look like?

The link below is an example of a website I made for a wedding from September 2017.  I use a website called pixieset to create these great looking galleries.   Images can be downloaded individually or all at once.  The website can be shared with as many people as you want, there is no extra charge to download the photos and they are all full resolution.  I now do this for all my clients.  It is by far the easiest way to share the highlights of the wedding day with family and friends, and it looks amazing!


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